Homemade Preschool – Learning the Letter A

We actually worked on the Letter A for two weeks since the first week was short and fell after the holiday weekend. This gave me time to find more awesome Letter A resources to use with the baby.

We had fun painting this Apple tree using her hand as the trunk and limbs.

And also we created a neat stained glass window apple using contact paper and tissue paper that was cut into little squares.

Then I headed over to twistynoodle.com to print off some Letter A worksheets.

Her favorite was the dot painting ones that she used the circle stampers to work on. Download this apple worksheet here.

Download the Apple Dot Painting, and the Letter A Dot Painting worksheets we used.

We also played some games like matching the red, green and yellow apples to the corresponding color of construction paper. It was so easy to set up, just start by cutting out 3 apples for each color of construction paper (red, green & yellow), then had her match them up with plain sheets of paper. It was great fun.

We also sang some songs that featured words that started with the Letter A, like…

The Ants Go Marching

Five Little Monkeys

Another great little resource pack is available from this Reading mama. I love to print out the little books for babe, get your’s here.

What’s your favorite free Letter A resource, please let me know in the comments down below.

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