Homeschooling with eTAP

Homeschooling with eTAP

Why we’re homeschooling with eTAP.

One of the most stressful decisions that I have to make all year long is what homeschooling curriculum we should attempt this time around. This is a point of contention because we’ve tried several already and never felt like any one was the perfect fit for both my teaching preferences and my daughter’s learning style.

Then you have to add to the equation that every curriculum is set up a slightly differently. And your grade level in one may not be equivalent to your grade level in another which can be a recipe for homeschool disaster.

This year as I was searching the web yet again for another curriculum to try when I stumbled onto a new LMS that I had never heard of before called eTAP.

It looked interesting.

It offered the things I needed like placement tests, and it allowed your student to go at their own pace. Plus, they had a 10 day free trial, so we could try homeschooling with eTAP before whipping out the credit card and signing up for good.

After looking over the layout of the software (which isn’t as intuitive as some others we’ve used) I was ready to have my oldest take the placement tests.

This is actually where eTAP excels over other curriculums in my opinion.

At the top of every core subject on each grade level, your student can take the assessment test. This will point you to the lessons that they need to review, if any in that grade. This way they won’t waste time looking over the information they already know, but will ensure that they cover the stuff they don’t.

This was very helpful when it came to finding the proper place in math for her to start. Over the last few years we did a lot of switching curriculums, and unfortunately got a bit behind on some things. With the assessment tests we were able to find the holes in her knowledge so she could start right where she needed to, without the worry that we are missing some important step along the way.

I had her start by taking the test at her “grade level” and then had her work backwards until she didn’t miss any more of the questions. That happened to be a few grade levels below, because of the different order in which some subjects were taught. For this instance, it was lessons on Personal Finance that was covered in eTAP at the third grade level. My daughter had never learned anything about that before, so I had her whip through those lessons quickly and learn the material so now she’s all ready for when they cover it again in more depth.

We’re just getting started homeschooling with eTAP, but I will continue to update you on the progress as we go, so stay tuned to more articles.

UPDATE: I created a new post about lesson planning for eTAP if you are feeling lost.

What’s your favorite thing about the homeschool curriculum you chose for this year? I’d love to hear your thoughts below.

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