Pacing your lessons with eTAP

Pacing your lessons with eTAP

Pacing your lessons with eTAP.

After a week of whipping through the lessons at breakneck speeds I’ve come to realize that we needed to slow down and add some projects to the mix.

There are only so many lessons in each subject in eTAP and if we kept up the pace we were at we’d be all the way through it before Christmas.

Then what would we have to work on?

Not to mention that she’d probably forget most of what she learned. Nothing beats hands on learning for cementing the concepts learned into their memory.

This is what she worked on today in lieu of course work:

For math she learned about Roman numerals, so I had her write all our ages in that form.

For social studies, we were studying about Egypt and she picked to learn more about when Napoleon found the Rosetta Stone. I had her take some notes about it and give an oral report to her dad on the subject.

For language arts she learned about inferences, so she wrote her own example paragraph to explain the concept.

And lastly we were studying the geology of California and I had here create a map of the 8 distinct regions that we learned about the previous day.

We’ve come up with a better way since I wrote this post, so if you are interested in how I now do lesson planning with eTAP click here.

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